The Savior of All Humankind

Come Unto Christ

No matter your story, you are invited to come unto Christ. We can all experience more joy in our individual lives when we turn to Him — who loves us most. 

“Jesus Christ gave us an example of how to live our lives gratefully...because it is only through truly being grateful that we can live our lives to the fullest.”

- Jon

“My love for my Savior fuels my desire to become an increasingly better person. My faith in Him gives me the confidence that it’s possible. His love for me lets me know that it’s okay I keep making mistakes. His atoning sacrifice for me gives me the strength I lack to do it on my own.”

- Wex

“I have come to understand that Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ, know me... and care for me individually in such a way that I feel their love in my life. I know that they have one goal for me — to help me find joy.”

- Brick

“There have been (and continue to be) times in my life when I’ve felt like nobody can relate to how I am thinking and feeling. During those times when I’ve felt most alone and vulnerable, Christ has been my strength and comforter. Knowing that someone can relate to me (and that He loves me!) has helped me during hard times to know that things will get better.”

- Mikilani

“Anytime I feel lost, confused, or unsure of the path I’m on, I always think of the scripture where the Lord says, “Fear not, little flock...” It brings me great comfort to think that Jesus Christ knows me personally and cares about me.”

- Jon

“I have had those moments where I have felt so alone and so angry. How happy I have become knowing my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me and forgive me.”

- Melanie

“I grew up in a good Christian home, but I strayed away from the teachings. With Jesus Christ and God in my life I feel more complete, more stable, more balanced.”

- Mike

“We make a mistake, and we realize, man, I shouldn’t have done that. [The fact] that we can say...I’m not going to do that again and I can be forgiven — that’s one of the best discoveries, I think, of this life.”

- Elaine

“Finally, I realized that there was someone who felt exactly how I was feeling in these moments when I felt so incredibly alone.”

- Lindsey

“I believe in the gospel of repentance. That great blessing of being able to be forgiven is what makes my life so happy and hopeful.”

- Darin

“The gospel gives me strength [in times] of trials and challenges, gives me hope through faith in [the] Lord Jesus Christ, and gives me a reason to be happy.”

- Laxman

“I have found that I am happiest when I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I find so much peace, purpose, and joy in living the commandments of God.”

- Brandilyn

The truths taught by Jesus have a direct impact on how we live our lives.

He can make you a better person. You can make us a better church.

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The grace of Jesus Christ is for everyone

Jesus saved the world so each of us could live more fully, without losing our unique individuality. As we turn to Him, we can grow into the people we were truly meant to be and better serve and love those around us. We invite you to learn more about His mission, His teachings, and His role as Savior of the world.

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The truths taught by Jesus have a direct impact on how we live our lives. He can make you a better person. You can make us a better church.

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