Rugby taught me tenacity. The Book of Mormon teaches me humility.

It takes exercise and a lot of hard work to excel at rugby. But for Will, physical strength isn’t everything. The Book of Mormon teaches him how to turn his personal weaknesses into strength of character and shows him how to become the person he wants to be.


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Following Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ? Jesus is the Savior of the world. As we follow Him, we find greater peace and happiness in life.

Forgiving Others and Yourself

God requires all people to forgive others of wrongdoing. In return, God promises that He will forgive us and bring peace and relief from our sins as long as we repent.

Jesus in the Book of Mormon

Jesus spent His mortal life near Jerusalem, teaching the Jews of His gospel. However, Jesus also taught people in another land: the American continents.

Because of Him

Jesus made it possible for us to overcome sin and death and live with God again. 

Book of Mormon

Thanks to the Book of Mormon, millions of people have discovered a closer connection to Jesus Christ.


No one is free from trials in life, including Jesus Christ. Learn how He can help you endure and grow.

Ten Commandments

Though Moses received the Ten Commandments thousands of years ago, they still apply in our day.72f5787d06159316768346702bc2be71106417e6
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