This Is Church


The secret to becoming a better person is simple: take what is preached on Sunday, and practice it every day. See how ‘church’ extends beyond the four walls of a building to influence everyday life.

Become your best self

The Bruno Family

The community rallied to help Rick and Heidi and they took care of their daughter battling cancer. 

Light the World

Each year to celebrate the life of Jesus, we make Christmas a season of service. 

Principles of Peace

Follow the examples of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, by following his teachings.

Meet Matt

As a divorce attorney who’s also divorced, Matt’s life wasn’t turning out the way he’d planned.

Turning faith into action

How to Pray

God is a loving father who wants to hear from His children. Learn how to find...

Raising a Strong Family

How to help your family stay together and keep God the center of your lives.

Bible Study Tips

Practical help on how to get the most out of your study of the Holy Bible.

Healthy Living

Taking care of physical body can make a big difference to our spirituality.
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