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The Book of Mormon is changing thousands of lives.

Life can be confusing, tragic, and messy. Many people have found the Book of Mormon to be a resource of strength, guidance, truth, and hope.

Shaquille explains the blessings of the Book of Mormon in his life

Shaquille is a world-class athlete whose life is changed for the better when a friend gives him a Book of Mormon.

Juliana explains the blessings of the Book of Mormon while standing in a winter forest

When her family faced a series of tough challenges, Juliana felt alone and adrift. But through the Book of Mormon, she found the strength to lead her family through difficult times.

Will explains the blessings of the Book of Mormon in his life

It takes exercise and a lot of hard work to excel at rugby. But for Will, physical strength isn’t everything. The Book of Mormon teaches him how to turn his personal weaknesses into strength of character and shows him how to become the person he wants to be.

Steve and Whitney sit on the beach with their young child explaining the blessings of the Book of Mormon

Steve and Whitney have a very important goal in mind: to raise a happy family in today’s world. Through the Book of Mormon, they find inspiration, encouragement, and guidance to establish and maintain a happy home.

Grant gazes out to sea while contemplating the blessings of the Book of Mormon

Grant’s work as a marine biologist shows him a world of order and beauty beneath the ocean. The Book of Mormon helps him recognize the evidence of a loving God behind every natural wonder.

Amelia a nurse explains the blessings of the Book of Mormon

As a physical therapist, Amelia finds peace in lending a helping hand. The Book of Mormon teaches her that her service extends well beyond those in her care—it teaches her that every time she serves someone else, she shows her love for God.

Jared standing in front of a vintage car discuss the blessings of the Book of Mormon

Jared Dunkley’s search for happiness often left him unfulfilled. When he turned to the words of Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon, he said, “I noticed pretty quickly that I started to feel happy.” Today, the Book of Mormon provides peace and guidance to him and his family.

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Tony and Marnie explain the blessings they receive from the Book of Mormon while enjoying time at the park

Tony & Marnie’s relationship hit rock bottom. They were unhappy, discouraged, and looking for a lifeline. And it came in a way that they least expected—with a knock on the door. 

Matt explains the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ

As a divorce attorney who’s also divorced, Matt’s life wasn’t turning out the way he’d planned. But then he met someone who changed his perspective—and they started a marriage that can last forever.

Natalie and Ryan explains how their faith and belief in Jesus Christ was strengthened

When Natalie and Ryan started looking for a church to call home, they never expected to find what they were looking for in a social post.

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