Juliana standing in a forest explains how the Book of Mormon helps her

My Family Gives Me Happiness. The Book of Mormon Gives Me Hope.

When her family faced a series of tough challenges, Juliana felt alone and adrift. But through the Book of Mormon, she found the strength to lead her family through difficult times.

Juliana standing in a forest explains how the Book of Mormon helps her

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Jesus Christ visits the people in the ancient Americas in the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Thanks to the Book of Mormon, millions of people have discovered a closer connection to Jesus Christ.
Families stand together in front of houses in the video the Purpose of Families


Through families, we connect with past, present, and future generations. We also learn about ourselves.
The stars begin to appear as the sun sets showing God's hand in nature

Meaning of Life

People have asked questions for thousands of years. God’s plan provides some important answers.
The Bible and the Book of Mormon stand together teaching about ways to serve each other

How the Bible and the Book of Mormon Work Together

The Bible and the Book of Mormon are united witnesses of Jesus Christ.
Shaquille sits at his kitchen studying faith, and hope in the Bible learning about Jesus Christ

Discover What's Inside

Watch videos from real people that have overcome challenges  and built faith in Jesus through reading the Book of Mormon.
A congregation in a church learn about Jesus Christ and finding strength in Him

Sunday Services

Attending church services gives us time to focus on worshipping God and loving our neighbors.
A couple sit together at their kitchen table learning hope and strength found in the Book of Mormon

What Is the Book of Mormon?

Like the Bible, the Book of Mormon is an ancient record that teaches about Jesus.
A woman is welcomed in church to learn about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon

How Do I Find the Right Christian Church for Me?

When looking for a church, it is helpful to think about what Jesus and His apostles and prophets have taught.
A woman ponders the gospel of Jesus Christ sitting on a park bench

What Is the Purpose of Life?

God, as our loving Father, wants us to find happiness and joy.
A couple walk down a sidewalk and talk about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ

Marriage and Family in the Book of Mormon

Great joy comes from family relationships.
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