A Happy Family Is Our Goal. The Book of Mormon Is Our Guide.

Steve and Whitney have a very important goal in mind: to raise a happy family in today’s world. Through the Book of Mormon, they find inspiration, encouragement, and guidance to establish and maintain a happy home.


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Book of Mormon

Thanks to the Book of Mormon, millions of people have discovered a closer connection to Jesus Christ.

Who Am I?

You are more than just one person among many. You are one of a kind, with a unique destiny from God.

Jesus in the Book of Mormon

Jesus spent His mortal life near Jerusalem, teaching the Jews of His gospel. However, Jesus also taught in another land: the American continents. That visit was life-changing for them then. Knowing about it can be equally meaningful to you today. 

Because of Him

Jesus made it possible for us to overcome sin and death and live with God again. 
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