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The Book of Mormon Experiment

Lots of people have heard of the Book of Mormon, but few people have actually read it. We set out to change that, one page at a time. We went all over the world and gave everyone we met a different page to read. We told them to highlight any reference to God and Jesus Christ. What they found may surprise you.

A man and woman mark Book of Mormon passages on clip boards learning about Jesus Christ
Book of Mormon Experiment- Honolulu

See their pages and read their stories.

Kate explains how studying the Book of Mormon tells how it can help people find life's answers
“It was one of the first pages of scripture I have ever read And I think that a book like this one can help people find answers in their life when they feel like they are in darkness. I'm so grateful to have been part of this experiment. I've been in the dark and needed a little more light in my life.”

Kate, Australian, Non-religious

- page 184

Rafi with a passage of the Book of Mormon talks about how sees God in the words
“This is the first time that I have ever read a page of Christian scripture. I think the page was good; it’s definitely good. It shows that God is a God of miracles, not a God of punishment. He’s merciful, He does miracles, and He wants to help us. I believe that God is that way—He wants to help us. Reading this book has helped me. I love it!”

Rafi, United Kingdom, Muslim

- page 430

Three people hold clip boards with passages from the Book of Mormon from the Book of Mormon experiment
A woman studies the Book of Mormon while laying down in a the back of a camper
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