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The Book of Mormon Experiment

We gave people all around the world a different page of the Book of Mormon. Here’s what each one of them found.


“Felt like I was reconnected. College is hard and stressful. Brought me closer to the Lord.”

Alesia, Lakeland, FL, Christian

– page 170

“Makes me think about things, inspiring.”

Eduardo, Lake Worth, FL, Catholic

– page 298

“People believe god is not with them but he actually is.”

Gustavo, Maracay, Venezuela, Catholic

– page 49

“I thought it was very inspiring. It shows the power that God has.”

Isabella, Orlando, FL, Christian

– page 62

“I thought that this was from the Bible but it was from the Book of Mormon and I thought it was really interesting how similar it was.”

Michelle, Tampa, FL, Catholic

– page 32

“Made me look back at teachings from childhood by one God who is merciful. The B.O.M. is like any other passage--is relatable or interpretable into life. To the world: Don’t judge a book by its cover. You shouldn’t judge a person before you know them.”

Moises, Stafford, VA, Catholic

– page 213

“Taught me to be humble.”

Paul, Egypt, Coptic Orthodox

– page 224

“It’s about equality and how everything should be. Judging--God is our judge, when it comes down to it. We should treat people as we want to be treated. Everyone’s equal under eyes of God. It feel familiar to me. I grew up knowing God is our ultimate judge. We should be good on each some don’t feel regrets. It seems familiar to me.”

Sasha, Tampa, FL, Christian

– page 206

“As I was reading through the text, my main focus was to see if there were any similaritites with my book, the Quoran. While I didn’t find any, I did find it interesting how the text says that they were lost from their view. To me, there’s something that stuck out because I feel like at some point everyone goes astray. The next line that I highlighted was that they received a commandment from the Lord & they did it without thought. That stood out because there’s beauty in trusting the way that God wants you to do stuff & knowing it'll workout.”

Shiza, Tampa, FL, Islam

– page 16

“It was kind of cool to get a passage that reflected on thoughts I had been reflecting on myself. I’ve wondered ‘how do I know that my sins have really been forgiven?’ I’m thankful on the recap on repentance and leading an honest life.”

Tejada, Tampa, FL, Unevre

– page 313

“God is punishing and merciful at once. There is a God of Judgment and Mercy. It’s similar to things I’ve read in the Old Testament.”

Jacob, Ohio, Ernest Seeker

– page 69

“It was good, and powerful.”

Jake, Pensacola, FL, Christian

– page 18

“Made me feel more open minded, and overall made my day better.”

Jared, Melbourne, FL, Christian

– page 104

“Signified the higher, fit in with my religion, [I] feel like [I’ve] read it before. Similar to Bible; it references Jesus coming into the world. This is a good book!”

LeLe, Gainesville, FL, Christian

– page 88

“We are all born pure and righteous and with the ‘white’ of the Lord. In life, we are exposed to the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of life. The choices we make affect the purity that we were born with. In life, people who make the ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ choices may appear to be doing well or prospering but in the end it was the people that were humble, or that make the ‘right’ and ‘good’ choices, that really benefit.”

Mustapha, Georgetown, Guyana, Islam

– page 23

“Although I haven’t ever heard of Nephi, I found the text to be very interesting and saw a lot of references familiar to me.”

Natalia, Albonito, Puerto Rico, Christian

– page 72

“Similar to most religious texts - God is good; saves us from the evil of the Devil.”

Rachel, Tampa, FL, Catholic

– page 73

“Just highlighting things from church from my past. I went to church in my younger years. I don’t believe anymore but very very interesting, and I love what you are doing.”

Stephen, Portland, OR, Atheist

– page 314

“I think all religions are very similar in a way. It’s great that you see that and share it with other people from different religions.”

Ysabelle, Cape Coral, FL, Non-denominational Christian

– page 21

“I felt like it was a trick question because everything had to do with God. Confused, because I wanted to underline everything.”

Christdaelle, Pompona Beach, FL, Christian

– page 100

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