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The Book of Mormon Experiment

We gave people all around the world a different page of the Book of Mormon. Here’s what each one of them found.


“I found the word judge to pertain to my faith because I believe in the end, God will look at what we did with the life he gave us.”

Quinn, Denver, CO, Catholic

– page 390

“He will forgive us no matter what we do.”

Rayna, Athens, GA, Spiritual

– page 154

“It was all about being thankful. Helps me know He is all around me, knows me, and is in the details of my life.”

Jacqueline, Savannah, GA, Catholic

– page 149

“Liked how it talked about how we need to be guided by [the] Lord through the darkness towards the Light.”

Amanuel, GA, Baptist/Non-Denominational

– page 39

“God has blessed us by sending his only Son Jesus Christ to “bless my house, the women, the children and my father and the kind folks around the world.”

Brock, North Augusta, SC, Baptist

– page 232

“Although I am not particularly religious, my page was very profound in its ideas.”

Caytin, Dacula, GA, Non-religious

– page 146

“When we turn to the Lord in our suffering, we can find relief.”

Emily, Flowery Branch, GA, Christian

– page 37

“It sounds a lot like the Bible. And it is written in the same tone. I like how it references ‘God’ and ‘Lord’ so much.”

Jose, Bogotá, Colombia

– page 7

“Light as a part of life. Light dispelling darkness.”

Layne, Kansas, Agnostic

– page 256

“Obedience is the thing - that’s what He wants and that’s what we should do.”

Rhonda, Orlanda, FL, Christian

– page 41

“Love the Book!”

Allison, Maretta, GA, Non-Religious

– page 5

“What stood out to me was the part about family because family is really important to me and I wish I was a better son and reading this made me want to be a better son and better family because I love my family. My ex-girlfriend was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I always appreciated that our common belief was in Jesus.”

Christopher, Chandler, AZ, Catholic

– page 4

“This page gave me a better appreciation for being alive.”

Edgar, Athens, GA, Catholic

– page 75

“I love how it shows how forgiveness and unjudgmental God is. No matter wha tyou do He still loves you.”

Elizabeth, Atlanta, GA, Christian

– page 197

“My Great Grandmother was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are Christian, even though everyone else says they aren’t.”

Mia, Zebulon, GA, Catholic

– page 107

“Glad and comforted to come home. Surprised it wasn’t the Bible.”

Nicole, Sandy Spring, GA, Catholic

– page 10

“Really liked how [the] highlighted parts talked about resilience in the midst of adversity - using “winds”/trials to move us forward.”

Stephanie, Chicago, IL, Catholic

– page 42

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