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The Book of Mormon Experiment

We gave people all around the world a different page of the Book of Mormon. Here’s what each one of them found.


“It was very good. It reminded me of what I learned as a kid. To be good to others and that God is good.”

Brian, USA, Muslim

– page 521

“The first time reading something from the Book of Mormon. Anyone can take anything from that, it's universal. I wanna read more!”

Chelsea, Huntington Beach, CA, Christian

– page 238

“It's really Christ centered and I liked that about it.”

Dezmond, Tutuila, American Samoa, Christian

– page 323

“The lines in this passage gave me a sense of hope.”

Diana, USA, Agnostic

– page 426

“The language was not what I was thinking the Book of Mormon to have. It really does talk about the same God.”

DJ, Hawaii, Christian

– page 357

“It was really awesome and eye opening.”

Huanani, USA, Christian

– page 12

“Overall God is in everything you do. When people feel the trails and tribulations that God puts the them through, people feel the strain. They don't however, see the bigger picture of things. A direction of morals to help us be better people.”

Jacob, Hawaii, Catholic

– page 354

“I know this is true.”

John, Maui, Christian

– page 202

“I found that, like many other interpretations, whether Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, etc. they all praise and whorship this one great higher being (God) that has worked so hard to protect us and help us in every way he can. He sacrifices so much for his children and we worship him in prayer and study his word.”

Justin, Mexico, Theist

– page 355

“I think it’s really intruiging. I grew up Catholic, but when I came to college I took religion classes and got really confused, so that’s why I don’t associate with a religion much now. I feel like I should know this.”

Kristen, Hawaii, Catholic

– page 9

“I feel that it is important to trust that God has a bigger plan for everyone and to trust in his process, and not feat him.”

Lauren, USA, Catholic

– page 93

“The pages were empowering and definitely moving. I really liked the reading.”

Lillie, CA, Christian

– page 445

“God is a god of forgiveness.”

Marie, France, Catholic

– page 219

“The page reminded me that God doesn’t hate or discriminate. Humans must follow God’s example to love and not judge.”

Max, USA, Christian

– page 236

“I like lots of religions and like to expore them as long as they teach of 1 God. I believe in 1 God, and that he is loving and kind to all. I like to feel the light and truth.”

Milagros, Philippines, Catholic

– page 430

“I like this... although I don’t believe in God as a being, I believe in these characteristics and traits- they can really help our world become a better place.”

Pamela, Singapore, Non-religious

– page 155

“I feel like I need to go back and re-read my bible, as it has been too long.”

Walter, USA, Lutheran

– page 245

“God is more of a personal relationship. He resides with everyone. It should be a part of your relationship with others.”

Megan, HA, Spiritual
– page 81

“I think this is a good experience for others so we have a chance to hear their opinions about other religions.”

Rhina, Micronesia, Christian

– page 192

“I thought I was reading a chapter of the bible.”

Talor, USA, Buddhist/Christian

– page 520

“Keep pushing forward and never lose faith.”

Wayna, HA, Christian

– page 88

“As I was reading the part I highlighted I was thinking how we as people have power for mass destruction. But we also can use what we know for good and for God. I was raised catholic and converted to christianity but I am not religious. I had a lot of family trying to shove religion down my throat so I'm kind of taking a break. That was a cool experiment.”

Art, USA, Non-Religious

– page 272

“I liked how much they devoted their lives to God.”

Hana, Maui, Catholic

– page 305

“It’s very interesting. I believe in Jesus Christ. I like this experiment. I enjoyed what I read.”

Maria, Russia, Russian Orthodox Christian

– page 43

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