Family Is Forever

In addition to being the bedrock of society, the family is central to God’s plan for the eternal happiness of all His children. And He has made it possible for family relationships to last beyond this life, not merely “until death do you part.” Check out the links below to see all that God has revealed about the importance of families.

Two sister missionaries greet someone to teach about how families can be together forever
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A couple walk on the beach carrying their young daughter and son enjoying time together

10 Inspiring Quotes About Family Time

We can serve God by taking care of the people around us.
Two men sitting on a bench smiling in a train station


God can make you a better person – and you can make us a better church.
A young family of four stand in a park enjoying each others company

Five Keys to Raising a Strong Family

Five ways you can strengthen and protect your family against the bad influences of the world.
A ward meets together at a church party

What Is the Church Community Like?

Church isn't just a place to worship God, it’s also a place to serve Him. Chat is typing...