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Looking for normal and natural ways to share the gospel?

Explore this member resource page for great ideas and great content that make sharing your faith with your friends and family easier—and more fun—than ever!

Ideas for inviting and including others

People like being included—they just need to be invited! Think about your life for a moment. Are there Church, meetings, events, or activities you could invite someone to attend? For example:

• Are you giving a talk in church? Invite a friend to come and give you moral support. Discuss the content of your talk afterwards.

• Are your children singing or otherwise participating in the annual Primary sacrament meeting program? Take the opportunity to share that moment with a friend, neighbor, or family member.

• Does your ward or stake offer self-reliance classes or addiction recovery classes? Offer these resources to a friend and attend together.

• Do you have a special Relief Society or youth event that would be of interest to people you know? Invite them to come and introduce them to the members of your ward or branch so they feel welcome.

• Are your friends interested in learning about their ancestors? Invite them to tour a family history center with you or invite them to an activity where they can learn about the Church’s online resources.

• Does your ward or branch play sports, or host dinners, or put on fiestas on a regular basis? Invite others to come with you.

• Do you live near a temple or visitor’s center? Take your friends on a walking tour as you explain the purpose of temples and other gospel principles.

• What other meetings, activities, and classes would your friends enjoy?

People naturally want to help others—often, they just need an invitation! As members of the Church, we give service on a daily and weekly basis in small and big ways. Consider some examples of the service you see or participate in. Think about ways to involve those you know in opportunities for Christlike service:

• Have a service project coming up? Share the details with your friends and coworkers and see if they’d be interested and willing to participate.

• Do you need to teach youth or Primary children a certain skill? Find a friend with expertise in that area and work together on a plan to help.

• Is your neighborhood in need of service? Talk with your neighbors and make a plan for how you can help.

• Is there a homeless shelter, orphanage or other organization in your area that is looking for volunteers? Invite others to serve with you and your family or ward members.

• Is one of your friends, a neighbor, or someone in your ward moving in or out? Offer to help them, and ask other friends or neighbors to aid you.

Inviting someone to Church is perhaps the best thing you can do to prepare them to receive the gospel. When that person does come to Church, here are some things you can do to help them feel welcome and want to come back the following week:

• Introduce them to other members, find out more about them, and offer to help them in any way you can.

• No one should sit alone! If you see someone new, offer to sit with them or invite them to sit with you and your family.

• Don’t assume they know where to go or what to do. Take extra time to explain what we do in Sacrament meeting and other Sunday meetings and offer to be their guide.

• Tell them about the weekly activities your ward or branch holds and invite them to participate with you.

• Be sure to use language that they understand and explain terms that they may not be familiar with. Terms like “devotional,” “sacrament,” “ward,” and “family home evening” are normal to us but foreign to others.

You have an opportunity every week to invite others into your home to spend time with your family. Here are some ideas for what you can do to help them feel welcome and introduce them to some principles of the gospel.

• Have a game night.

• Make a meal together.

• Watch a church video.

• Play get-to-know-you games.

• Simply spend time talking and getting to know each other better.

• Invite the missionaries over for a brief lesson.

• Tell them stories and show photos from your missionary service.

• Take them on a tour of your chapel and explain a little bit about our Sunday services and mid-week activities.

Sharing the Gospel Online

Click on the sections below to find inspiring content that you can share with friends and family via social media, email, and text. 

Welcoming others to our community of faith

Feeling welcomed is an essential part of belonging to a community. That’s why making our visitors feel welcome is a top priority—plus it’s just good manners! Here are a few examples of the effect a welcoming congregation can have on a person’s life.

So, how exactly can you be more welcoming to others? Here are some ideas to help.

Sunday services can feel like second nature if you’ve been going for a while, but for those who have never attended, it can feel overwhelming. Here are a few things you can explain to your friends who are coming for the first time to help them prepare:

• We don't pass the plate or ask for donations.

• Things that happen during our first meeting (singing hymns, members of the congregation speaking and teaching, the sacrament, etc.)

• They don’t have to participate in the sacrament; you can simply pass the tray to the next person.

• Members of the congregation will be dressed up, but it’s okay if you are not; above all, just try to look nice.

• We go to classes after sacrament meeting (Primary for children, Sunday School for adults and for youth, and classes every other week for women, men, young women, and young men).

It might help you to visit It’s filled with rich content catered toward those not of our faith who want to learn more about the Church. Get familiar with this content and share it with your friends.

In ward council or other leadership meetings, talk about the ways your ward could be more welcoming. Here are some ideas to get the conversation going:

• Watch some of the Welcome videos on this page. What themes or experiences stand out? Would these new members/families feel welcome in our ward/branch?

• Does our ward feel like a welcoming community? What are we doing to care for our ward family?

• Are there any problems with loneliness or rejection in our ward?

• Could we create callings that could help people feel more welcome? (Ward greeter, activities coordinator, etc.)

Discuss these topics in a 5th Sunday meeting. Make the meeting fun, engaging and inclusive.

• Watch the “Welcome” videos provided on this page and have a discussion. Point out things that worked and felt natural, and perhaps things that would have worked better. Brainstorm other ideas that could help others feel welcome at church. What themes or experiences stood out to you? Would these new members feel welcome in our ward/branch?

• Is the culture of our ward/branch a welcoming one? What are some examples of this? What are some areas where we need to improve?

• What are some good examples of welcoming others you have seen in previous wards/branches? Can you implement them in your ward now?

• What are some good examples of welcoming others you have seen in previous wards/branches? Can you implement them in your ward now?

• Have you experienced feeling unwelcome in a ward or branch? What are some things you can do to make sure others don’t have the same experience? What has made you feel welcome?

• What can we do as a ward/branch family to become more of a more welcoming community?

• Watch the “Come and See” videos provided on this page. What actions are you already taking as a ward or individually?

Below are some additional resources to watch and discuss with your ward:

Missionary Work: Sharing What Is in Your Heart

Is There a Place for Me?

In smaller groups or as a stake council, talk about ways to make missionary work a priority in your stake. Feel free to use the content on this page to get the discussion going. Here are a few tips to start:

• Watch some of the “Welcome” videos on this page (including the new member stories). What are themes or experiences that stand out? Would these new members/families feel welcome in our stake?

• What are things we can do at a stake level to increase the love that we feel for each other?

• Are there things leaders can do to make newcomers feel more welcome? What can we do to create a welcoming culture?

• Could stake callings or assignments focus solely on welcoming new members (e.g., overseeing integration of new members into wards, stake community event coordinator, etc.)?