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3 Life Lessons to Be Learned from the Prophet Noah

By Comeuntochrist.org
Noah leads the animals to the ark as the storm begins

The prophets of the Old Testament lived in a world much different than our own. Yet some of the most profound life lessons lie in wait for those who study them.

Here are three lessons from the life of the prophet Noah.

God can direct us in very specific ways

Have you ever had a feeling that you just couldn’t shake? Something specific, such as “go see this person now” or “don’t go that way”? You may have felt a little crazy at first, but as you acted on that feeling, you found it was the right one. That’s because as we live righteously, God’s Spirit directs us in ways that help us and others.

Noah had these sorts of feelings as well. Despite the mocking that he received, Noah trusted the direction he received from God to build a boat.

Just as Noah could trust God's direction, we too can trust the promptings we receive from Him as we live a life worthy of His Spirit’s promptings. While it’s unlikely we will be asked to build a boat, we may find the promptings we receive are just as specific as the instruction given to Noah.

God’s prophets are worthy of our trust

When Noah decided to build the ark, it would have been easy to view his idea as foolish. At the time, a worldwide flood likely seemed absurd. But there was one reason above all else to trust Noah—he was God’s chosen prophet.

Prophets communicate God’s will to us here on earth. They provide guidance to us and testify of Jesus Christ and teach His gospel. God has told us we can trust the teachings of the prophets, and their words are those He would have them speak (see D&C 1:38).

Worldliness comes with a price

The people on the earth during Noah’s life lived evil and violent lives (see Genesis 6:5, 11). Because these people disregarded God’s warnings continually and chose to live the way of the world, they were swept away with the floods they had been warned of. Although these people’s lives were accepted by their society, they lost sight of God’s commandments, and they paid a heavy price.

We too are vulnerable to worldliness. The common worldly lifestyles of self-indulgence, unchaste living, and materialism will not save us from the storms that fall upon us in life. But to those who follow God’s commandments, safe, dry ground awaits (see Genesis 8:8–13).

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