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3 Tried and True Tips on How to Memorize Scripture Verses

By Comeuntochrist.org
Family reading scriptures

Why Memorize Scriptures?

With everything you have to do each day, why memorize scriptures? Read here to learn how memorizing scriptures can help you understand them better; provide you with help, inspiration, comfort, and motivation; and add power to the words you use to teach others. 

Here are three tried and true tips to memorize scripture verses.

Repeat after Me

One of the best tools for memorizing scriptures is repetition, repetition, repetition. Whether memorizing a verse on your own, as a family, or as a group, saying verses out loud, over and over, cements them in your mind. Display a verse and repeat it aloud daily. As the verse becomes familiar, remove words or replace words with the first letters of the words. As you repeat it often, you will soon be able to say it without looking at your cheat sheet. 

When in a group, a fun variation to repetition is how the verse is repeated. A leader says a phrase of a scripture verse and then the group repeats it. The leader then chooses five to ten different accents or styles to repeat the same phrase. The key is exact repetition. If the leader speaks with an Australian accent, a robot voice, or with emphasis on a particular word, the group must follow exactly. Once the phrase is familiar to everyone, the leader can move to the next phrase. The crazier the styles, the more fun for all. And before you know it, you have another scripture memorized.

The Job’s a Game

Mary Poppins had the right idea when she said any job can be a game when you find the fun in it. So it is with memorizing scriptures. In groups, games and other fun methods are great ways to remember verses. Here are a couple of examples.

Stand and Shout: A leader reads a portion of the verse being memorized, and members of the group, either in teams or as individuals, stand and shout the next word or phrase of the verse. Get the leader’s attention by shouting the correct answer and win a point.

Mix It Up: Write the verse out on strips of paper and then cut the words apart. Mix up the words and then race to arrange the words in the correct order.

Music, Pictures, and Actions: Scriptures set to music, especially enhanced with pictures or actions, stick quicker and stay longer. It’s hard to read Isaiah 9:6 without hearing the music from Handel’s Messiah playing silently in the background.

There’s an App for That

With technology today, scripture memorization tools are at your fingertips. There are some great apps available for scripture memorization. Here are a few apps for both iOS and Android users to consider: LDS Scripture Mastery, LDS Scripture Power Memorization, and Scripture Mind. So if you have a few minutes to browse your phone, memorize a scripture. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will reach your goal. 

Request your free copy of the Holy Bible now, and start memorizing scriptures today.