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Are We Not All Beggars? Having Compassion for Others

By Comeuntochrist.org
the good Samaritan

The Golden Rule

Looking at the hardships of others with the absence of feeling and refusing to pause long enough to try to understand what they’re going through is both an ancient and modern tragedy. Compassion is not always a natural reaction, but when we try to walk a mile in the shoes of anyone who is hurt, struggling, or living without, we can become more like the Savior and feel compassion, a form of divine love.

When we live by the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” we are following the example of the Savior and living by a powerful moral code spoken of in this video by President Nelson, a latter-day Apostle of Jesus Christ.

The Good Samaritan

The story the Savior told of the good Samaritan teaches us about compassion. Wouldn’t we all hope that if unfortunate events befall us, others will not pass us by in our time of need? The world can become a better place when we do our best to provide the help and assistance we’d like to receive when we pass through our own trials. Like Gandhi advised, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


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All Need Mercy and Compassion

Elder Holland, another Latter-day Saint Apostle, shared a quote from King Benjamin found in the Book of Mormon at a conference in 2014, saying: “Are we not all beggars? Don’t we all cry out for help and hope and answers to prayers? Don’t we all beg for forgiveness for mistakes we have made and trouble we have caused? Don’t we all implore that grace will compensate for our weaknesses, that mercy will triumph over justice at least in our case? Little wonder that King Benjamin says we obtain a remission of our sins by pleading to God, who compassionately responds, but we retain a remission of our sins by compassionately responding to the poor who plead to us.”

Watch a clip of Elder Holland’s address below or click here to watch the full address, entitled “Are We Not All Beggars?”


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Remembering that everyone is worthy of love and compassion will help us become more like the Savior. By adopting the Golden Rule and becoming like the good Samaritan Christ spoke of so long ago, we can play a part in the Savior’s work of lifting, nurturing, and providing hope for the human family.