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Being a Mother: Balancing your interests with your responsibilities

By Comeuntochrist.org
Mother and daughter reading a book

Your Role as Mother

Mom, you do so much! You comfort crying babies. You sacrifice sleep. You mend physical and emotional wounds. You spend hours in the car. You answer unending questions. You clean and cook and do laundry. You wait up for dates. You play at the park. You listen patiently. You discipline with love. You braid hair and tie neckties. You help with homework. You teach prayer and faith in Jesus Christ. You plan parties. You sing songs. You give hugs. You laugh. You cry. You worry. You rejoice. You drop everything to be there. You love with all your heart.

Watch as Elder Jeffrey R. Holland pays tribute to moms everywhere.


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But that’s not all. You are also a wife, a sister, an employee, an aunt, a grandmother, a neighbor, a volunteer, or a friend. Being a mom is no easy task, but you make it work! You willingly sacrifice so much for the important responsibility of motherhood. Hats off to you. But in the process, don’t forget another important role you play.

Your Role as Daughter of God

You are a daughter of God. He loves you not only because you are a mother but because you are special to Him just for being you.

This video confirms your identity as a daughter of God.


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Benefits of Developing You

Making time for yourself benefits you. Whether it’s working out at the gym, reading a book, taking a specialty class, eating lunch with a friend, or decorating a room, doing something you love rejuvenates you. When you fill yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically, you are happy and have more to offer those you love.

Making time for yourself also benefits your family. Your happiness translates into family happiness. As your children watch you balance motherhood responsibilities and personal development, they will learn the importance of supporting each other as individuals in a family. And more importantly, they will have a role model for life as they witness your commitment to growing personally while giving selflessly as a mother.

Would you like to learn more about balancing your roles as a mother and a daughter of God? Chat with a Mormon online today for ideas.