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Building a Strong Foundation through Family Traditions

By Comeuntochrist.org
family playing flag football

Are you that mom? You know, the one who makes your family dress in the matching flag T-shirts every 4th of July? Or that dad? The one who cooks a big breakfast for your family every Christmas morning just so they know you love them? Or that grandparent? The one who teaches your grandson how to ride a bike? Then you’re on your way to building a strong foundation for your family one tradition at a time. Watch as one family shares how traditions make them stronger.

The Benefits of Traditions

Traditions cement families together and give them the strength to handle whatever comes their way. Here are a few of the benefits of family traditions.

Unity—Nothing brings your family together like traditions. They are those quirky little things you do together day after day, week after week, or year after year that make you a family. They are the things you do that define you as a cohesive unit. Whether you are a small family of two or an extended family of hundreds, you will feel more unified when you share family traditions.

Memory—Family traditions are a great way to remember the past and carry it on. When you do the things that have been done before you, you give your family a sense of being part of something greater than themselves. With traditions, your children have a stronger sense of who they are and what they can accomplish.

Learning—Through traditions, parents and grandparents can pass along treasured values and beliefs to their children. Whether the activity centers around your belief in God or your wicked curve ball, traditions teach your children the things that matter most to you.

Security—In an ever-changing world, family traditions offer security. If children face struggles with divorce, death, moves, or different environments, traditions can be the stability they need to not only survive but thrive. A new school may not seem as daunting if they know, for instance, that Friday family movie night isn’t going to change.

Here are a few ideas to consider if you would like to begin or add to your family traditions.


  • Pray together morning and night.
  • Read scriptures together daily. Request a free copy of the Holy Bible to get you started.
  • Hold a family night once a week to talk about spiritual things.
  • Worship together regularly.


  • Organize family reunions.
  • Go on summer vacations.
  • Deliver breakfast in bed to celebrate special occasions.
  • Celebrate holidays with simple things like green eggs on St. Patrick’s Day or football on Thanksgiving.


  • Close every phone call with “I love you.”
  • Read bedtime stories with your children each night.
  • Choose an annual family theme.
  • Go out for ice cream to celebrate games, concerts, or performances.

Whatever you decide to do, do it as a family and keep it consistent. With each tradition you develop and cherish, you are making your family stronger.

Would you like to add “Attend a church that centers on Jesus Christ” to your list of family traditions? Worship with us this Sunday.