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Building Confidence with These 8 Daily Habits

By Comeuntochrist.org
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The Best Kind of Confidence

Confidence is described in the dictionary as “favorable acceptance by others.” There’s a better kind of confidence to develop that doesn’t ebb and flow according to the perceptions and judgments of those around you.

The best kind of confidence comes from realizing you’re a child of God. This realization helps you understand that what you’re made of is divine. Another empowering result of this confidence-building realization is that your Heavenly Father is in your corner and wants you to be happy and successful. With Him on your side you can do anything.

Confidence Looks Good on You

Confidence is attractive when it reflects self-love and modest humility—not self-centeredness and arrogance. Because confidence looks great on anyone, it’s a great day to wear the best kind. Here are eight daily habits to get you started:

Look Inside

Look inside for your value. Modern media and advertising would have you believe confidence is purchased. This is false. On the inside you’ll find a unique magnificence that’s all your own.


Prayer is a two-way communication between you and God. If you view God as your Father, best friend, and life coach, you’ll begin to understand why prayer is vital to building a solid foundation of confidence. Get the most out of life by including the powerful force and influence of prayer.


Start your day with a smile—at yourself and others. See a mirror? There’s no shame in being the first person you smile at each day. Did you know that smiling has been proven to have positive benefits for you mentally and physically? It also lifts those around you. Greet the day with a grin.


Acts of daily service or volunteering helps build confidence. Service provides feelings of accomplishment and capability; it’s effective for developing empathy and compassion, coping with stress, nurturing healthy relationships, boosting your mood, … and oh yeah, it helps others too.

Christ said, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matthew 25:40). By serving others, you also serve the Lord.

Care for Your Body

Your body is the place your spirit must live. Increase your confidence in its ability to carry you through life by exercising daily, getting enough sleep, and eating health-promoting foods.

Develop Your Talents

Your talents are as unique as your fingerprints and can bless the world. Great confidence can come from sharing the talents you’ve developed. Spend time perfecting them. We’ll all be glad you did.

Keep an Accomplishment Journal

Record daily accomplishments. These can be small, such as “I woke up earlier today” or “I visited Grandpa this afternoon.” You’ll want to include the bigger achievements too, but over time you’ll see that your power lies in the small things you do. You’ll also gain confidence and valuable insight into what you contribute to the world around you.


Knowledge builds confidence. A lot can be learned by daily reading. Take some time each day to enjoy this productive pastime, and watch for appropriate opportunities to teach and enlighten those around you.

Attending church isn’t always about what you get—it’s also about what you can give. Your understanding that you’re a child of God will benefit your local congregation. Find a meetinghouse near you and help others understand how to build the best kind of confidence.