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4 Ways to Cope with an Identity Crisis

By Comeuntochrist.org
A man expressing stress by placing his hands over his face. - 4 Ways to Cope with an Identity Crisis on Mormon.org

We all find ourselves searching for a better sense of self from time to time. No matter your circumstance it is normal to find yourself digging deeper to figure out just who you are and want to be. (In fact, as you dig into the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you will find this is part of our makeup helping us to continually discover and rediscover God and His plan for all of us).

As you take on questions like this take these tips into consideration:

Evaluate your current situation

The future can feel frightening, especially when you’re going through an identity crisis. But by defining your expectations and the expectation of others for you, it’s much easier to evaluate where to go from here and how to move forward.

As you consider your circumstances make sure you aren’t trying to take everything on alone. Make an effort to talk with someone. Also, remember that God is there for you, ready and willing to talk whenever you need. Reach out to Him through prayer, ask Him to help you see things with clarity. He will answer your prayers.

Take it one day at a time

Rome wasn't built in a day and nobody expects an identity crisis to disappear overnight. Take a moment each day for as long as it takes to step back and evaluate what you accomplished that day and what is expected of the next day.

Plan to be positive

Self-talk is a powerful motivational tool. Just as negative thoughts produce negative emotions, positive thoughts full of gratitude can help start to change your everyday emotions. Repeating simple phrases like, “everything will be okay,” “today is a good day,” or “I am important” out loud, as silly as it sounds, can have a powerful impact on your daily attitude.

Enlist the help of others

Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who love you and want what is best for you. Similarly, turn to the one who loves you most, your Heavenly Father, for comfort and support.

When the past seems dark and your future looks bleak, remember who you are and how much you matter. You are child of God with great potential and incredible power to change the world. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered the pains of the world, including your confusion, disappointment and grief, and He is the one person who truly understands everything you are experiencing. Turn to God, and He will always be there when you need Him.

You can read more about God’s love for you in the scriptures. To request a free copy of the Bible, click here.