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Do members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints drink coffee?



No, Church members do not drink coffee. They have been counseled not to drink coffee by their leaders and by God.

In the early 1800s, God revealed a law of physical and spiritual health that Church members refer to as the Word of Wisdom. In this law, which God gave to us for our physical and spiritual well-being, God tells us what foods are good for us to eat as well as substances we should avoid because they are harmful to our bodies.

In this Word of Wisdom we’re told that fruits, vegetables, and grains are nutritious and helpful to our bodies; we’re also encouraged to eat meat sparingly. God also counsels us in this law to avoid a handful of harmful and addictive substances, including coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco. And in our day, Church members have also been warned to avoid illegal drugs and to not abuse prescription drugs.

Some think that members of the Church don’t drink coffee because of the caffeine, but the Word of Wisdom never actually mentions the use of caffeine as the reason we shouldn’t drink “hot drinks” like coffee and tea. Church leaders don’t think or say that caffeinated drinks are healthy, nor do they advise members to chug down several cans of Pepsi or cups of hot chocolate in one day.

Church members believe that by following the Word of Wisdom they will be blessed both physically and spiritually. And the physical benefits of heeding the counsel in the Word of Wisdom are something science has been able to prove as well.

A 14-year study conducted by UCLA followed the mortality rates and health practices of 10,000 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in California. The study’s results were that Church members who followed their health code (the Word of Wisdom) had an increased life expectancy 8 to 11 years longer than the general U.S. population and that they also had the smallest death rates from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Science has also proven, and you may have even witnessed it personally, that smoking cigarettes can lead to lung cancer, chewing tobacco can cause gum cancer, and drinking alcohol can cause liver disease, among other serious health problems.

Church members choose not to drink coffee or consume other harmful substances, as well as to not overeat and to practice other healthy physical habits such as getting adequate exercise and sleep, because they believe their physical bodies are created after the image of God. They see their bodies as gifts from God, so they choose to follow His counsel and take care of their bodies.

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