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Family Vacation: What’s the Point?

By Comeuntochrist.org

“Where’s the sunscreen?” “Did anyone remember to bring a towel?” “Don’t go into the water unless you take someone else with you!”

Maybe picturing yourself directing the chaos of a family vacation exhausts you. Maybe your family doesn’t go on vacations because there isn’t enough time or money. Regardless of whether or not your family takes traditional vacations or has to get creative in doing things a little closer to home, the principle behind these efforts is the same: spending quality time with our families is an important way we show love and grow closer together. Watch as one family shares their experience.


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In a world that puts a lot of emphasis on instant gratification and individual desires, strong families don’t just happen. Like anything worthwhile, cultivating strong family ties takes patient, persistent effort. Though setting aside family time can take some juggling, and yes, you may even get some complaining along the way, it’s an investment that pays off in the end with relationships that hold strong in times of difficulty and provide each member with a sense of safety and belonging.

Your vacation doesn’t have to be elaborate or look like a cabin by a lake—a family “vacation” can be any activity, big or small, that brings your family together in a meaningful way. Some ideas:

  • Walk to the nearest ice cream shop for a cone.
  • Plan Family Olympics: Put together a list of activities, like a beanbag toss or an obstacle course, to complete in teams.
  • Play badminton or another backyard game together.
  • Have a game night.
  • “Camp” in the living room with tents and roast marshmallows in the fireplace.
  • Host a family talent show.
  • Give everyone a set amount of money (like $2) at the store and have them see who can get the most stuff.
  • Do an art project or go to a museum.

Strong families aren’t just a nice thought; they are part of God’s plan of happiness for His children. To learn more, read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World,” a document written by modern apostles and prophets that declares the divine role of the family.

Next time you find yourself overwhelmed or tempted to call it quits when planning family time, remember to step back and remember why you’re doing it all. Though some details may fall by the wayside and plans may fall through, it’s who you’re with—your family—and why you’re with them—because you love them—that counts.