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4 Reasons to Unplug Regularly

By Comeuntochrist.org
man using a smartphone

For most of us, our phone is glued to our hand from the minute we wake up to the minute we go to bed. Many of us are addicted to music, which is always only a couple of taps away. During the week, many of us sit at a desk in an office most of the day in front of a flickering computer screen. At home we enjoy movies, TV, and games on our phone. It is an endless stream of digital entertainment.

At times, unplugging from all of these activities can feel like cutting off your arm. But it's worth it. Unplugging can be especially important on Sundays, because it is the day that the Lord invites us to step away from our daily routine and focus more on Him. He invites us to make the Sabbath as important to us as it is to Him. If you take this challenge to unplug on Sundays, here are a few things to remember:

  1. You'll realize just how addicted you are. For the first few weeks, you might find yourself compulsively reaching for your phone many times on Sundays. The allure of the games, movies, music, and books is real and sometimes agonizing. You may want to give up. When this happens, you might want to just try throwing your phone in a drawer and going for a walk outside.
  2. Over time, you'll feel more in control of your digital habits. You'll begin to “call the sabbath a delight” (Isaiah 58:13) as you find other more meaningful ways to spend your time. Even during the rest of the week, you'll start to feel like you can choose to stay engaged in the moment and ignore the digital distractions.
  3. Your relationships with your family will be strengthened. Perhaps your regular family routine on Sundays is to go to church, have a meal together, and then get lost in your phone for an hour or two. As you take this challenge to unplug on Sundays, you'll discover that you'll have more quality time with your family on Sunday talking about things that matter. As you do this, you'll feel much closer to your spouse and children. You'll begin to cherish these times.
  4. Your relationship with God will be strengthened. Being inundated with digital communication all day, every day, leaves little time for quiet reflection and communion with God. Making this commitment to temporarily unplug from all of these activities can open up many new opportunities to sit in silence and evaluate how to grow closer to Him through scripture study, journal writing, and prayer. You'll begin to feel that by dedicating this time to Him, He will be able to more easily guide you in your decisions through the quiet whisperings of the Holy Ghost.

Making the commitment to unplug regularly is an ongoing process of stretching, reflecting, and recommitting. It’s hard, and you won't always be perfect, but looking back, you'll be very glad that you took that first step.