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God's role in your life

By Comeuntochrist.org
A sunrise through trees next to a lake. Discover God’s role in your own life.

The idea of “God” can seem abstract to some. Who is He? What is He? What does He do? Is He a being or a power? What is His relationship to me? How can I understand His role in my life?

Dallin H. Oaks has said, “One of the greatest of all God’s revelations is ... that ‘men are, that they might have joy.’ (2 Ne. 2:25.) Joy is more than happiness. Joy is the ultimate sensation of well-being. It comes from being complete and in harmony with our Creator and his eternal laws.”

Whether or not you currently believe in God or a higher power, we believe that true happiness comes from a solid belief and understanding in your personal worth, value, destiny, and divinity.

All things denote there is a God

In an address from 1988, M. Russell Ballard stated: “Astronauts viewing the earth from space have stated how incredibly beautiful it is and how alive it appears. United States Senator Jake Garn wrote of his experience in space: ‘It is impossible for me to describe the beauty of the earth. It is a breathtaking, awe-inspiring, spiritual experience to view the earth from space while traveling at twenty-five times the speed of sound. I could also look into the blackness of the vacuum of space and see billions of stars and galaxies millions of light-years away. The universe is so vast as to be impossible to comprehend. But I did comprehend the hand of God in all things. I felt his presence throughout my seven days in space. I know that God created this earth and the universe. I know that we are his children wherever we live on the earth, without regard to our nationality or the color of our skin. Most important, I know that God lives and is the Creator of us all’”.

We believe that God is our Creator and our Father and, as such, has blessed us with beauty throughout the universe.

Where to start

The best place to start when considering the role and place of God in your life is to look inward. Start by asking yourself these three questions, and seriously consider your answers.

1. Who am I?

2. What is my purpose in life?

3. What happens after death?

After you’ve pondered your answers, consider whether God or a higher power might be an answer or provide clarification for any of your questions.

To learn more about God’s role in the lives of men and women throughout history, request a free copy of the Holy Bible.