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The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Part 2: Repentance

By Comeuntochrist.org
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What Is Repentance

None of us are perfect. This reality comes with the fact that sometimes we break God’s commandments and sin. These choices often lead to feelings of guilt, sadness, or even depression. If you’ve ever been consumed by unbearable guilt, sorrow, or sadness as the result of making a bad choice, know that these feelings can be replaced with peace, joy, and happiness. Because of Jesus Christ there’s a way to overcome the guilt we experience in life. We can overcome those feelings through repentance.

While Jesus Christ was on the earth, He taught men to follow Him, have faith, repent, and be baptized. Repentance is an essential step in following Jesus Christ.

After faith, the next part in following the gospel of Jesus Christ is repentance. Repentance represents a renewed perspective on life, a change of how we view our relationship with God, and changing our hearts and actions to align with Him. True repentance means we recognize our errors, correct them, and strive to live a more obedient life as a result. Repentance is truly an opportunity for us to become our best selves.

When we repent we first recognize that we’ve made a bad choice and feel godly sorrow. Godly sorrow means to feel bad not because we’ve been caught but because we truly understand the choice we made has distanced us from God. We then confess our sins and in prayer ask God to forgive us. Then we do all we can to correct any problems our choice may have caused. This is the repentance process. Through this process we change. As we allow ourselves to change, our desire to follow God grows.

Making a correction or change in our life may seem intimidating or even scary. But change for the better is a good thing! Yes, it may require us to humble ourselves, but it’s an opportunity for us to become more like Jesus Christ. Repentance isn’t a one-time thing either; it’s something we must do continually as we progress in life.

When we sincerely repent we feel peace, joy, and forgiveness.

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