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How Can I Have a Relationship with God?

By Comeuntochrist.org
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How do you develop a relationship with someone you can’t see or touch?

Developing a relationship with God can seem a little abstract at first, but people of faith throughout the ages will tell you that a relationship with God is not only possible but also can be just as real and fulfilling (even more so) than a relationship with another human being.

Building any relationship requires communication and effort. We come to know God by desiring to know Him, learning of Him through scriptures, communicating with Him through prayer, and acting on the direction He gives us.

Desire to Know

Almost any relationship begins with some sort of need or desire to know the other person. Watch as Elaine Bradley, drummer for the band Neon Trees, talks about how she began to develop her relationship with God.


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Elaine realized that she didn’t have a relationship with God because she “didn’t ever want one.” The Book of Mormon teaches that “even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you.” Desire can lead you, like Elaine, to act and seek out more knowledge about God and His word.


Communication in any relationship is key, and one of the most important ways we communicate with God and come to know Him is through prayer. Anyone can pray. We are all God’s children, and He wants to hear from us. He loves us and will help us. Watch the story of how one woman’s prayer was answered.


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Feast on the Word

The next step is to read God’s word. As we read the word of God, we come to know Him. We learn His dealings with His children through time. We learn of His perfect love and mercy. We rejoice to know that we can live with Him again because of His Son, Jesus Christ. Watch how the scriptures guided Richard during a difficult time in his life.


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Like Elaine Bradley, we can find joy in learning that there is a Savior who died for us personally, so we can be clean of the guilt that comes from mistakes and sins. That joy leads to a love of God and a desire to serve Him for the rest of our lives.

As we continue to follow a pattern of desiring, praying, reading the scriptures, and acting on God’s word, we come closer to God step by step. Like any other relationship, building a relationship with God is a process. However, as we come closer to God, our relationships get better, our lives become more purposeful, and we learn that true joy comes from becoming more like Him.

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