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How the Birth of My Daughter Taught Me That God Is Real

By Jessica Dalton, Two Married Geeks

Giving birth to my daughter was not an easy experience. I ended up needing an emergency cesarean section because I wasn’t making any progress. It was found during the c-section that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my daughter’s neck and my uterus didn’t have enough muscle to give birth the traditional way. I also lost enough blood which caused my blood pressure to dip scarily low to where I came close to needing a blood transfusion. As if that wasn’t enough of a scare, six weeks later, I was back in the hospital. But this time it was for pancreatitis caused by gall stones, so another surgery was needed to remove my gallbladder.


Whenever I tell people about these two experiences and how they happened within a short amount of time from each other, the looks of shock and awe on their faces are always the same. They wonder how I did it, especially when I was also learning the ins and outs of being a new mother.

The answer is simple: I knew God was there for me. It’s a miracle that my daughter and I survived and thinking back it was scary, but during that time I could really feel the hand of God in my life. I knew He cared about me and knew what I was going through, and I knew He was real. I never felt alone and I felt the closest I have ever felt to Him by bringing new life into this world with sacrifice and pain.


It’s been two years since my experience of giving birth to my daughter and having my gallbladder removed. Every day my daughter is learning new things and becoming more and more independent. It’s common for her to say “I hold it” or for her to lightly shove our hand away when she wants to do something for herself. Often times, doing it herself causes her to get frustrated or hurt, so when her little voice says “help me” I am quickly by her side to guide her and be of assistance.

Since becoming a mother and watching my daughter learn and grow, I’ve grown to understand how God feels about His children. God is our Heavenly Father, He loves us and wants us to make right choices so we can live with Him again, and it’s because He loves us that He lets us make our own choices so we can learn and grow. I love my daughter and I want her to grow and learn, so just like God, I have to let her make her own choices, especially when she doesn’t want any help from me. It hurts as a parent to see the consequences of my daughter’s actions cause her pain so when she comes to me for comfort, I open my arms and give her the love she needs. I know God is there too when we ask Him for comfort. No matter what mistakes we have made, if we come to Him, He will open His arms and let us in.

Jessica has been writing at for three years. She loves spending time with her family and watching her daughter develop her own relationship with God. Outside of her faith and home, she enjoys writing, crafts, and being a geek.