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It Just Makes Sense: Five Ways to Love and Encourage Your Spouse Daily

By Comeuntochrist.org
husband and wife kissing

Nurturing Your Marriage

The Family: A Proclamation to the World” states that “marriage between man and woman is essential to [God’s] eternal plan” and that “husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other.” And why not? Out of all the people in the world, you chose to be with your spouse forever. So make sure she knows how much she means to you. Let him know you’re glad he’s the one. Strengthen your marriage through expressions of love.

President Russell M. Nelson has taught: “Marriage brings greater possibilities for happiness than does any other human relationship. … Marriages would be happier if nurtured more carefully.” So if you are looking for some ideas to show your spouse your love and encouragement every day, try using your five senses.

With Your Eyes

Look for the good in your spouse every day. Did you see her serve your family? Let her know you noticed. Did you watch him play with the kids, even after a long day at work? Point it out. Sometimes we focus on the problems and differences in a relationship while keeping our eyes closed to all the good our spouse has to offer. So take a look and see the things that caught your eye in the first place.

With Your Nose

When it comes to loving your spouse, take time to stop and smell the proverbial roses. In other words, make alone time a priority so you can stay connected. In the craziness of life, it’s easy to forget that when all is said and done, it all comes down to the two of you. So slow down, leave the kids, the bills, and the worries behind for a moment, and have some fun together. It may be as formal as a night out or as simple as five minutes alone before going to sleep, but keep the connection alive every day.

With Your Ears

Listen carefully to what your spouse has to say. Whether it’s sharing the events of a long day, discussing a problem or disagreement, or describing details of an interest or hobby, the things that matter to your spouse should matter to you. So let them know you care by giving your undivided attention to their words. You will find that with a little listening, you will come to understand them better and your love will grow even more.

With Your Mouth

For starters, say “I love you” every day. Expressions of affection let your spouse know just how much they mean to you. But beyond those three little words, let all the words you speak be filled with love. Instead of criticism, offer encouragement. Instead of complaints, offer praise. Instead of argument, offer forgiveness. Be your companion’s number one fan. With your encouraging words, the two of you will accomplish great things together.

With Your Hands

Holding hands with your spouse is a great way to express appreciation and encouragement. Check out the couple in this classic television commercial who understand how important that gesture can be. But you can do more than just hold hands. Use your hands to serve your spouse often. Do the unexpected things. Surprise her with a special meal or secretly clean out his car. Write love notes and stick them in inconspicuous places or pick up the phone to check in. With every act of service, love shines through.

Of all the relationships in your life, your marriage should be top on the list. So it makes sense to use your five senses to show your spouse your love and encouragement every day.