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The Miracle of Jesus Christ. The Miracle of Life.

By Comeuntochrist.org

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We live in a time of modern miracles. Delicate satellites carry the stories and songs of human life into deep space. Doctors unravel the mysteries of our very cells to cure diseases and ease suffering throughout the world. Computing technology has connected us and made information more accessible than ever before.

Jesus’s life was a different kind of miracle. It was unfathomable that a simple man of humble beginnings could be the Messiah, and yet, His life bore witness of His divinity.

Because of Jesus Christ We Can Better Understand The Miracle of Love

Just like each of us, Jesus was born to an earthly mother. She loved and raised him to adulthood. He apprenticed at his father’s side and grew strong wielding the tools of the carpenter.

When He was ready to begin His ministry, Jesus went out among the people—He walked, He talked, He broke bread and shared stories, teaching the lessons His followers needed most to hear.

Because of Jesus Christ We Will Enjoy The Miracle of Life After Death

He was a carpenter, a teacher, and a leader, but He did what no carpenter, no teacher, no leader had ever done. He lived again.

Like all who preceded Him, He died. But unlike all who preceded Him, He triumphed over death. The light of His sacrifice can guide each of our paths, leading us back to God.

He lives. And because He lives, each one of us will live again—there will be no lost sheep, and no empty chairs. He replaces the sting of death with hope; He substitutes the pain of guilt with peace. Because of Him, we should never despair, because we have second chances, clean slates, and new beginnings. 

Because of Him, there is no such thing as the end.