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Supporting Your Spouse through Illness or Injury

By Comeuntochrist.org
wife with sick husband

Keep Love at the Forefront

Accidents and illness can blindside any couple at any time, and when they do, lives can be changed forever. Trading in the traditional titles and responsibilities of husband and wife to that of patient and caregiver can take a tremendous toll on what was once a thriving marriage relationship. If your spouse has become ill or disabled, there are things you can do to ensure that your love for one another stays at the forefront.

Manage Stress

Caring for your ailing spouse can become overwhelming when you’re trying to shoulder the weight of your spouse’s responsibilities along with your own. Are you an independent soul? Now is not the time to “go it alone.”

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Give others the opportunity to serve you and your spouse. It will bless them and both of you. Make arrangements from time to time for someone to keep your spouse company, and take a little time for yourself. If you feel guilty, keep in mind that if you’re in poor health, you’ll be of little help to your spouse. Undoubtedly, your spouse wants your health and happiness as much as you want theirs. It’s okay to take care of yourself.


When times get hard, take a mental walk in the shoes of your spouse. By listening carefully you’ll be able to better empathize with what they’re experiencing and you can learn to better attend to their physical and emotional needs.

If your spouse is unable to communicate at this time, sit with, hold hands, and listen anyway. You may be surprised by the insight and peace that comes while you sit quietly with the one you love.


Remember that God has not forsaken either of you through this trial. Include Him in heartfelt daily prayer. He is there and will support you both as you push toward mutual healing and optimal health. Stand with your spouse and remember to continually express your faith in them and your love for them. You may be surprised at your partner’s ability to strengthen you during challenging times, even if all they can offer is a smile. Determine to face these challenges together with the Lord, and you will find yourself much stronger than if you tried to bear the burden alone.


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Additional support can be found by attending a local church service. There are many like-minded individuals who would be eager to support you and your spouse as you face these unexpected trials of life. To find a meetinghouse near you, click here.