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Surround Yourself with the Best: 7 Qualities of Uplifting Friends

By Comeuntochrist.org
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Surround Yourself with Uplifting Friends

Our daily interactions with others directly impact who we are becoming. President Thomas S. Monson has taught: “We tend to become like those whom we admire. Just as in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic account ‘The Great Stone Face,’ we adopt the mannerisms, the attitudes, even the conduct of those whom we admire—and they are usually our friends.” That’s why it’s so important to surround ourselves with uplifting friends.

Watch how one woman finds strength from uplifting friends and how her friends are changed through the experience as well.


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What Do Uplifting Friends Look Like?

Think about the friends you admire. Do they make you feel valued, supported, and loved? Do they inspire you to be better and encourage you when you fall short? Do they influence the way you think and act in positive ways? If you want to surround yourself with good friends who lift you up and and make you a better person, try building friendships with people who consistently do these seven things:

  • Show genuine interest in others. Uplifting friends know how to share the spotlight. They take the time to listen and get to know you instead of focusing on themselves.
  • Smile. Friends who have a happy disposition and can keep a positive perspective, even through the challenges, are the best kind of friends to have around.
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect. It doesn’t matter who they are with, uplifting friends always have a kind word or a helping hand to build others up.
  • Avoid gossip, judgment, and criticism. Everyone’s name should be safe with your friends. No matter the circumstance, your uplifting friends will find the good and overlook the bad in other people.
  • Widen the friendship circle. A great friend will make an effort to include others, especially those who feel excluded, lonely, or different.
  • Maintain high standards. Good friends don’t compromise what they believe in the name of friendship. They will choose their behavior with integrity.
  • Follow Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of an uplifting friend. He was “lifted up upon the cross, that [He] might draw all men unto [Him], that as [He has] been lifted up by men even so should men be lifted up” (3 Nephi 27:14). Uplifting friends believe in and follow Jesus Christ in the way they treat and interact with others, and they encourage us to do the same.

Of course, the best way to surround yourself with uplifting friends is to be an uplifting friend yourself. As you strive to develop these qualities, you will draw others to you, and together you can reach great heights as you lift each other up.