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The Perfect Job for Becoming Better: Parenthood

By Comeuntochrist.org
family in the park

Job Description: Parenthood

If you are looking for a position that will be rewarding, exasperating, hilarious, heartbreaking, fulfilling, trying, and, in short, probably the most difficult and best thing you have ever done, then look no further than parenthood. In this position you will be required to be available at all times and go through the toughest challenges. And even though you may have breaks, this job lasts forever. But in return, you will build eternal relationships, know lasting joy, and truly become a better person, even a follower of Jesus Christ.

Trying to Be Like Jesus

The Savior extends His invitation to each of us: “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, … and follow me” (Luke 9:23). Watch as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir reminds us that we follow Jesus Christ when we try to be like Him. 


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Getting Better in So Many Ways

Parenthood enriches our lives and allows us to practice being like Jesus. Here are 10 Christlike qualities we can develop through parenthood that help us become better people.

  1. Love.The family is the perfect setting to practice love. Your kids may drive you crazy at times, but you love them like crazy in return. And you get a little glimpse of the Savior’s love as you parent your own children.
  2. Selflessness. Parenthood requires you to put someone else’s needs above your own, again and again and again. Whether it’s sharing that last bite of apple pie or giving up sleep to comfort a sick child, you learn about being selfless through parenthood.
  3. Kindness. It’s not always easy to act with kindness in a family setting, but what better place to practice and keep trying. Parents can become better people through their kind interactions with their children.
  4. Patience. Parents know this quality requires no explanation. Being a parent means learning about patience.
  5. Humility. Humility means meekly acknowledging our own weaknesses and yielding our hearts to God. Any parent will tell you that parenthood is a humbling experience, one that is best accomplished with divine help.
  6. Forgiveness. Because children make a lot of mistakes as they grow, parents have many opportunities to practice forgiveness.
  7. Repentance. Because parents make a lot of mistakes in parenthood, they also learn the power of the words “I’m sorry” and “I will try to do better next time.” Repentance brings parents closer to Christ.
  8. Faith. When parents understand that parenthood takes more wisdom and understanding than they have alone, they can exercise faith in a loving Heavenly Father who, as our perfect parent, will show them the way.
  9. Honesty. Good parent/child relationships are grounded in honesty. When parents teach and practice honesty with their children, they strengthen this characteristic in all aspects of their lives.
  10. Trust. Being a parent requires a great deal of trust—trust in God, trust in their kids, and trust in themselves. As parents earn and develop this trust, they follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, who exercises great trust in us daily.


If you are looking for an eternal role that will bring you lasting happiness and help you become a better person, someone more like Jesus Christ, parenthood is the job for you.