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The Purpose of Families


There’s a reason that family is (and always has been) the fundamental unit of society and why the idea of family so often feels safe and familiar. Everyone, including you, is part of one big family—God’s family. God is our Heavenly Father. So it makes sense, then, that God would follow that pattern and organize His children into families on earth. Families give individuals a place to belong, a way to learn and grow, and a chance to be part of something great.

A Place to Belong

Family is central to God’s plan for His children. That’s why everyone starts out life the same way—as part of a family. Family can be complicated, it’s true—but God gave us families so we would have a place to belong. When husbands and wives love and support each other and raise their children with kindness and love, family members can feel safe and cared for.

The Great Training Ground

But strong families don’t just happen; they take work and shared family values. There’s no better place to practice important life skills like respect, love, compassion, faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, work, and play than in a family. Throw in a little room cleaning, laundry folding, and laughter, and you have the perfect recipe for a strong family. And people who come from strong families contribute to strong communities and societies, so everyone wins.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Family is about more than just a mom, dad, and kids. It’s about generations of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandkids and beyond. Family is about connecting with something bigger than yourself; it’s about creating bonds that last through this life and can continue forever. When you learn about those who came before you and prepare for those who will come after you, you learn that family is everything. 

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