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The Recipe for a Stronger Family: Mealtime

By Comeuntochrist.org
Family enjoying a meal together around a picnic table

Family Mealtime

Let’s be honest. In this super-high-paced, try-to-squeeze-it-all-in world these days, it’s hard enough just getting the family together in the same room at the same time, let alone carving out a few moments for a meal around the dinner table. And what’s more, you may not enjoy or even know how to create a dish your family will eat. But eating a meal together is about more than just filling empty stomachs.

It turns out that family mealtime yields a variety of benefits for your family. Recently, the Deseret News published an article highlighting five reasons to have family dinners. Three of the ideas mentioned mirrored Benjamin Franklin’s promise to good sleepers: namely, families who eat meals together at home are on their way to being healthy, wealthy, and wise.


According to the article, families who plan, prepare, and eat meals together tend to “get a healthier dose of fruits, vegetables, and essential nutrients. They’re also likely to have fewer fried foods and sugar-laden beverages.” That translates into healthier habits that lead to healthier lives.


Consumers spend a lot of money on fast food. Whether you are grabbing a few burgers on the way to soccer practice or ordering pizza for the gang, the costs add up quickly. So if you want to save a few bucks, skip the drive-through and make dinner as a family.


Additionally, studies show that interactions while preparing and eating dinner improve communication skills and increase vocabulary. In this tech-heavy world where young people would rather text and post than share and discuss, conversation over a simple, home-cooked meal can make them smarter. So dish up the potatoes and boost brain power.

One More Thing

Becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise are great, but perhaps the best benefit to gathering daily around the dinner table is the unity and love you will feel as a family. Your family will be strengthened as you spend time together discussing issues that matter, sharing personal feelings and beliefs, teaching family values, and cultivating love. So crack open your favorite cookbook, dust off that baking dish, and strengthen your family today.

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