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What is My Purpose on Earth?


Ever wonder what life is all about? That’s a question many people ask, and for some, it’s a difficult one to answer.

You existed as a spirit before this mortal life, living with your Heavenly Father. Knowing why you were sent to this earth can help you determine what you should and shouldn’t spend your time doing here on earth. Understanding what life is about can give personal direction and purpose.

The question of why we are here on earth has a few surprisingly simple yet profound answers. 

You Are on Earth to Receive a Physical Body

Before you came to earth, you lived as a spirit being with God and with others who had not yet been born. (see Jeremiah 1:5)

One reason you’re here on earth is so that you can receive a physical body and prove your worthiness to live with God and your family again for all eternity after this life, through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus and his resurrection. “For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive” (1 Corinthians 15:21-22). 

You Are on Earth to Be Tested and to Learn

Now as a mortal human being, you face many different trials, tribulations, and challenges. Through these tests, you can learn to exercise greater faith in, and become more like God. Instead of letting your troubles anger you, disillusion you, or callous you spiritually and emotionally, you can work to remain positive, compassionate, and kind. You grow wiser as you successfully overcome the obstacles placed in your path. This knowledge will help you learn to be more like Heavenly Father.

You can discover the nature of Heavenly Father in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Both sets of scripture show how God loves His children and wants them to grow in knowledge and become a better son or daughter of God. As you follow God’s commandments that are found in the scriptures, you can find the help you need to become the better person you want to be.

You Are Here on Earth to Learn to Follow Jesus Christ

Learning about Jesus’s gospel, His earthly ministry, and His role as the Savior of humankind is one of the ways in which you can better discover the nature of Heavenly Father and improve your life.

As you learn about the gospel and accept Christ’s teachings in your life, you’ll have a greater desire to follow Him and His commandments. His gospel and commandments are the roadmap you need to follow in order to return to Heavenly Father’s presence.

You came to earth so you could spend time away from God and grow in ways you couldn’t without gaining a mortal body and experiencing earthly trials. The best way to achieve the growth you need in order to return to God is to follow Christ. 


The question of why we are here on earth is something virtually everyone will ask at some point. And knowing the plan God has in store for you gives your life a clear purpose. You need to learn, be tested, and follow Jesus Christ in order to live in God’s presence for all of eternity.

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