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Are You Christian? What It Means to Be Christian

By Comeuntochrist.org
Painting of Jesus Christ

Being Like Christ

A Christian is someone who strives to live like Jesus Christ and follow His example. It’s much easier to be like someone if one gets to know them. Getting to know the Savior is an incredible journey and will fill us with indescribable peace and love.  

Love One Another

Jesus Christ taught us to love one another. He explained that love is the identifying feature of His disciples with the following words: “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:35).

When we try to be like Jesus, we add a greater measure of light and truth to our lives, allowing us to become a beacon for those who are also searching for greater happiness and fulfillment. Blessings great and small will come as we work to lift those around us.

Jesus lived a selfless life. His every action was rooted in love. Many desirable characteristics can be identified and adopted from His example, such as love, faith, sacrifice, compassion, service, patience, forgiveness, and endurance—just to name a few.

Practicing Christianity

  • Charity—By definition, charity is the pure love of Christ. It becomes part of our lives when we look for the best in one another and desire to help those in need.
  • Faith—The faith Christ had in His Father is inspiring. He knew that with God all things are possible. Individualized blessings also await us when we exercise our faith in Heavenly Father.   
  • Compassion—Christ was compassionate. He cared about the pain and sorrow experienced by humanity. We increase our compassion when we're slow to judge others and when we do our best to feel and understand their circumstances. 
  • Service—Christ’s life was filled with service. When we begin to realize the difference our efforts make in the lives of others, serving becomes a joyful experience. 
  • Patience and Forgiveness—Christ is patient and forgiving of humanity’s faults and weaknesses. We can practice forgiveness by allowing ample room for others to learn and make mistakes.  
  • Endurance—Christ encouraged each of us to endure to the end (see Matthew 24:13). Remember, being Christian is not about being perfect—it’s about practice.

Learn more about what it means to be Christian by requesting a copy of the Bible or watching and listening to a Bible video of Christ giving the Sermon on the Mount.


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