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Why God Gave Us Families

By Comeuntochrist.org
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God gave us families with the ultimate goal of happiness. Some of the greatest joys and happiest moments can come from family relationships.

However, what if a family breaks? What about the empty feeling of being misunderstood by or being an outsider in one’s own family? What if one is disowned, abused, or neglected, or there seems to be no escape from contention or no feeling of safety in the home? What if we lose family members to differing choices, illness, or other causes? What if family becomes more of a source of pain than of happiness?

When family situations and relationships are painful, it can become hard to understand why God gave us families. It is difficult to trust that God is loving and can help make heartbreaking trials benefit us. He gave us families to help us become more like Jesus Christ, no matter our situation.

Learning to Forgive

Family challenges can teach us a greater way to forgive. Forgiveness is difficult enough, but it can be even harder when we need to forgive a family member. Always remember that nothing is impossible with Jesus Christ and His Atonement. It may be a long, excruciating path, but peace and forgiveness can and will come.


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Love and Acceptance

Another divine attribute of Jesus Christ that we can learn from our families is the ability to love and accept others, no matter how they differ from us. Even if we don’t agree with choices family members make or if we don’t understand their situation, we can choose to love them fully and make an effort to understand them the best that we can. Choosing to love others unconditionally does not mean we condone what they are doing but that we value them above their circumstances or choices.

It is also important to remember that we are not responsible for family members’ choices. Feelings can arise that we must have done something wrong or failed our family member somehow, but these feelings will only bring us down. We cannot control others’ choices, but we can control how we react and how we treat them. People flourish when they are loved and supported for exactly who they are, and the best example of that is the way Jesus Christ treated everyone.


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Coming Closer to God

Any trial is an opportunity to bring us closer to God. If we lose a family member, are separated from our family, or have no family at all, we always have a loving Heavenly Father. He is always there and always loves us. While we may not be able to physically be in His presence yet, we can pray anytime, anywhere, about anything, and He always hears and understands.

No matter our family circumstances, happiness and peace can always be found if we center our lives in Jesus Christ and put our trust in God.