Jesus Christ

A Christ-centered Church

The Importance of His Name

If you ask someone if they’re Mormon, there’s a good chance they’ll instead say they are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But what’s in a name? Does it really matter how other people refer to us? Here’s why we believe it matters a great deal. 

A Name with a Purpose

We believe that the full name of the Church was given to us by God, and it’s no coincidence that Jesus Christ is at the center of that name. The scriptures teach us that following Jesus Christ means taking His name upon us. We do this by making sure that we follow His loving example in the way that we speak, the way we think—and especially in the way we treat those around us.

Christ-centered Faith

To refer to our Church by any other title or nickname that removes the name of Jesus Christ wrongly deemphasizes the central place of Jesus Christ in our beliefs and in our lives. He is the foundation of our doctrine, our faith, our hope, and our joy. Every time we use the correct name of our Church, it’s a simple way to proclaim the sacred mission of Jesus Christ to the world. So, we try to say it often.

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