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A woman types a message on her phone

Good news is coming your way. Below, you’ll find three different ways to receive inspirational content via email, whether it’s a weekly newsletter, a series about Jesus Christ's life, or a daily Bible verse.

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Weekly Uplifting Messages

Each week you’ll receive a selection of inspiring videos, articles and more.

A desert path winds through mountains

Walk with Christ

Every few days you'll receive an email that details an event from Christ's life and an activity you can do. After the 10 emails in this experience, we'll send more content related to Jesus Christ and other spiritual topics.

A woman holds a phone containing Joshua 1:9

Daily Bible Verses

Every day you’ll receive a thoughtfully selected Bible verse along with a brief thought.

Person praying

Prayer: The Essential Questions

If you have questions about prayer, you’re not alone. Over a series of emails, receive answers to essential questions about prayer and explore the many ways you can strengthen your connection to God.