Your Real Strength May Surprise You

Can people really change? Should you even bother trying? Do you ever feel flawed, discouraged, or simply not good enough? You’re not alone.

Moroni was a man in ancient America who anguished over his own shortcomings. During a time of intense war, he was tasked with protecting the historical and spiritual records of his people. His father gave him the responsibility to write about his beleaguered nation and about Jesus Christ “that perhaps some day it may profit them.” And Moroni didn’t feel up to the task.

“I fear,” he confided, “that people will mock at these things, because of our weakness in writing.” He doubted his own ability. He worried about failure. But Moroni took his fears to the Lord in prayer.

The answer he received, and the very records he kept, became part of the Book of Mormon. This book recounts how Moroni, other people—and you—are imperfect for a reason. By bringing your flaws to God, you are actually following His plan.

You can become a better person. It starts when you come to the Lord, weaknesses and all. Discover what you can do—and who you can be—right now.