The answer is surprisingly simple

Can anyone truly be happy? Is there such a thing as a deep-down sense of well-being or joy? When you face illness, a job loss, or a broken relationship, is there anything that can still bring lasting peace and joy?

An ancient king named Benjamin knew that there is. He had experienced extreme highs and lows during his life. He led his people to victory in battle but also suffered brutal losses. He prized knowledge and education, yet contended with people who loved to deceive. During his reign, he’d seen, felt, and heard much that was both good and bad.

So when King Benjamin prepared to confer the kingdom on his son, he called his people together to share his parting words. That was a time of general peace and prosperity in the land—a time of happiness for everyone. And he told his people the secret to finding and keeping that joy:

Be thankful. Be of service. Be humble.

Sound familiar? It should. Commandments like these have been repeated throughout the holy scriptures and shared by prophets in every age. And King Benjamin knew that they worked. God created you, he reminded them. He is “preserving you from day to day” (Mosiah 2:21). In return, God asks only one thing of us: keep His commandments.

It’s that simple, really. You know what God commands. If you’re unsure, the scriptures lay out what He would have you do. In return for keeping the commandments, God promises that you will prosper. You will be safe. You will be happy. Challenges may not disappear. You’ll still have bad days, to be sure. But when you keep the commandments of God, you are guaranteed greater happiness in your life right now—and “never-ending happiness” (Mosiah 2:41) when you ultimately dwell with God.

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