Why We Should Always Pray

Is there a right way to pray? Is it just for emergencies? For special occasions? When you need help, can you turn to God—even when it seems so small in the eternal scheme of things?

More than 2,000 years ago, a man named Alma had prayed for many reasons: out of fear, in sorrow, for forgiveness, for help. Through his own experience, he learned the power that prayer brought and he then learned to pray with thanksgiving, with hope, and with love. When his son, an already upstanding man, was tasked with great responsibility, Alma gave this counsel as a father: pray. And pray often.

The Book of Mormon reminds—and encourages—you to pray to your Heavenly Father. He knows who you are. He wants to give you His help. He wants you to ask. Knowing that you can pray at any time and for anything is just one of many ways the Book of Mormon can help you know God.

Read all of Alma’s advice to his son about prayer—and find more real answers from real people in the Book of Mormon.