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每個星期日,我們聚在一起唱聖詩、聆聽講道,並彼此教導關於救主的事。 Church is a spiritual recharge and a perfect way to keep Jesus front and center in our lives. 我們歡迎所有訪客來參加我們基督徒的聚會,與我們一同崇拜。


Just try to look nice. You’re welcome to come in any tasteful clothes you feel comfortable in. But just so you know, most men wear suits or button-up shirts and ties, and women typically wear dresses or skirts. Children usually dress up too.

We hope not. Many of our members come to church by themselves each week. However, if you’d like someone to attend with you for the first time, feel free to contact the local missionaries and they’ll find you a friend to sit with. It’s always hard being new, no matter the situation, but you’ll quickly get to know the other members and feel at home.

No. Visitors aren’t required to participate. When the bread and water of the sacrament (or Communion) is distributed to the congregation, you can simply pass the tray to the next person. Other than that, feel free to sit back and just enjoy the service. In a Sunday School class, the teacher often asks for volunteers to read. Simply don’t raise your hand if you’d rather not participate.

This probably depends on the size of the congregation you’re visiting. Some congregations are so large that the regular members may or may not realize you’re a visitor. Others are so small that the members all know each other and will definitely recognize and welcome a newcomer. Either way, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself or ask questions. Everyone will be glad you’re there.

No. We don’t solicit donations or pass a plate.